Trying to write elisp code to select inner WORD as achieved by viW normal mode keystrokes

Guido Van Hoecke guivho at
Wed Jan 27 20:37:27 CET 2016


I am a happy user of evil-visualstar

I frequently use this key sequence: 'viW*' (without the quotes)

I'd like to write a short function that achieves this so that I can map it
to a single key in evil-normal-state-map, something like

  (defun guivho-viW-star()
    "Visual select inner WORD and search for it"

I've looked up what is called by 'v', and it claims to be defined in
evil-states-el, but I don't find it there. It claims to be defined as

(evil-visual-char &optional MARK POINT TYPE MESSAGE)

but I don/t know how to express the 'iW' part in that signature.

Please advise,


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