evil-cross-lines act like evil-find-skip-newlines

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 30 10:16:57 CEST 2015

On Sunday, 28 Jun 2015 at 23:45, RW. S wrote:
> Not that it's necessarily related to the question but context is that
> I'm new to emacs (and therefore also evil-mode), but not too new to
> vim (a few years).
> Question is, is there a way to get f, F, t, T to skip newlines to find
> a character, but without making h and l to cross lines?
> `evil-cross-lines` does both (i.e. it *does* make h and l cross
> lines), but I only want the former, without the latter. I suppose
> `evil-find-skip-newlines` as I read in the documentation is what I
> want (and why I hope it's possible), but the option seems to be taken
> away now.

I use the ace versions of these motion commands, e.g.

    (define-key evil-motion-state-map ";" 'evil-ace-jump-line-mode)
    (define-key evil-motion-state-map "f" 'evil-ace-jump-word-mode)
    (define-key evil-motion-state-map "F" 'evil-ace-jump-char-mode)

which might do what you want although quite differently from the
standard motion behaviour.

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