Naughty undo-tree

Barry OReilly gundaetiapo at
Mon Nov 10 18:01:48 CET 2014

It's a known issue with undo tree unrelated to evil.
On Nov 10, 2014 7:41 AM, "Óscar Fuentes" <ofv at> wrote:

> From time to time undo-tree behaves strangely. With a single undo step
> it can undo a char insert or whole paragraphs that took several minutes
> to enter. Worse, sometimes it fails while trying to redo with:
>   primitive-undo: Unrecognized entry in undo list undo-tree-canary
> Combined with one of those huge undo steps, this amounts to serious data
> loss.
> Does someone else experience these problems?
> Is Evil handicapped in some way if I stop using undo-tree?
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