Last character in visual selection remains unhighlighted

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at
Wed May 28 14:14:53 CEST 2014

On Sunday, 25 May 2014 at 11:41, Frank Fischer wrote:
> Am 21.05.2014 15:42, schrieb Sujith Abraham:
>> In the Vim manual it is stated that ) is as an 'exclusive' motion, and % is
>> an 'inclusive' motion. Does this have anything to do with this? 
> Should not.
>> Shouldn't
>> both be giving different results?
> Yes.
> Up to now I have not been able to reproduce the problem. On my system
> everthing works as expected and the visual selection always includes the
> closing parenthesis. As long as nobody provides an example to reproduce
> the error it is almost impossible for me to find the problem (starting
> with a minimal configuration, a sequence of keystrokes, whether you work
> in X or terminal, preferably a screenshot as it is a "visual" issue), sorry.

Selection for me never includes the closing parenthesis.  See attached

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This is with fairly recent evil and emacs-snapshot but not quite up to
date.  See signature.


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