binding to "cp" without breaking "c"

Frank Fischer frank-fischer at
Wed Jun 18 17:35:41 CEST 2014

On 13.06.2014 21:54, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> I'm very much not familiar with Evil, so this may be completely
> inapplicable, but an option might be to do the following:
> - don't bind `c' to `evil-change'.
> - instead, add various `c <foo>' bindings, to `evil-change' and change
>   it so it uses last-command-event or this-single-command-keys to know
>   which binding triggered it (instead of using something like
>   `read-event' to wait for the next event).

This approach has some disadvantages:

* a count after the operator but before the motion would not work
anymore (something like c2w)
* the same has to be done for all other operators and for every new
operator to be defined

and possibly more. And it would be a big change, maybe not (yet) worth
the effort.

Best regards,

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