evil, agenda, list of all todo items (basic question)

Andrew Forrester awforrester at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 21:57:39 CET 2014

Allen, thanks for your quick and useful reply!

> [...]  I have found that it is best to use Evil for the basic set of vim key
> bindings and vim feature emulation, and let Emacs take care of the rest.  Try
> not to go too crazy rebinding commands until you've at least spent a month or
> so familiarizing yourself with the defaults. [...]

Thanks for the advice.  It's worth it to do this, since trouble-shooting 
is much easier this way.

> > [...]  What am I doing wrong?

Apparently, I needed to set the variables dir-where-you-store-org-files and 
org-agenda-files, as shown here:

> [...] (What's ";a"?)  [...]

That is a key binding for the agenda when using evil org mode:
I'm following your suggestion and now am not using this for the time being.


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