M- commands no longer pass through

Alessandro Piras laynor at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 20:52:55 CET 2013

Hi Frank,
Yes, I meant pressing Ctrl and [ simultaneously :-)
I can understand what you mean about the german keyboard, it's as
crazy on an italian keyboard, but I usually type using the US layout,
and my laptop has a real US-ansi layout.
This happens on X, everything works as expected on the terminal.

As a half-baked fix, I put this in my evil configuration:

  (define-key input-decode-map (kbd "C-[") [escape])

It (kind of) works, but I noticed some inconsistencies when issuing
C-[ in emacs state.

Pressing C-[ two times (sorry for your fingers if you are going to
test this!) in emacs state leads to this error message:

   ESC <escape> is undefined

Alessandro Piras

On 3 March 2013 11:39, Frank Fischer <frank-fischer at shadow-soft.de> wrote:
> On 2013-03-02, Alessandro Piras <laynor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Testing the patch, C-[ is not working anymore. Escape works correctly though.
>> Is this a known problem with the esc24.3 branch?
> You mean really pressing Ctrl and [ simultaneously? (trying this on a
> German keyboard would really break your fingers, that's why I never
> test it ;))
> In terminal or in X? If this happens in X I would not be too surpised,
> in terminal C-[ should really send the same event as ESC, so this
> should not happen in terminal.
> Frank
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