[PATCH] Continue with last-insertion tracker if buffer region is valid

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de
Sat Jun 1 17:11:42 CEST 2013

Trevor Murphy <trevor.m.murphy at gmail.com> writes:

> Hey, all.
> Sorry to post this to the mailing list without something on the bug tracker, but bitbucket
> apparently has stopped taking OpenID and I don't think this report merits creating a whole new
> account and password.

You can use the issue tracker anonymously, no need to create an account.
But sending *small* issues to the mailing list is also fine, especially
if a patch is provided ;)

> Commit db7e641 resolved Bug #272, "Evil works incorrectly with yasnippet near the end of
> buffer". The issue was that `evil-stop-track-last-insertion' would get confused if the last
> insertion appeared to extend past the buffer bounds, and the solution was to put in a guard.
> However, I think the guard is doing `<' and `>=' comparisons backwards. As in, shouldn't it be like
> the attached patch?

Ah, you're right, thanks a lot. It should even be (<= ... (point-max)).
If added the patch.

Best regards,

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