M- commands no longer pass through

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 11:05:02 CET 2013

Frank Fischer <frank-fischer at shadow-soft.de> writes:

> On 2013-02-20, Eric S Fraga <e.fraga at ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> in the past week sometime, give or take, the default behaviour of evil
>> seems to have change with respect to any key bindings *not* in the
>> standard (normal, insert) maps.  I first noticed this when trying to
>> type M-q while writing; this key is globally bound to
>> maybe-fill-paragraph, my own function.  Now even M-x doesn't work.  I have
>> to switch to emacs mode first.


> The default behaviour of Evil did not change, at least not that I know of ;)
> May I ask which Emacs version you use? 24.3.1 or so? (I track emacs-snapshot on ubuntu).

> If this is the case, then I've realised this problem, too, two days or
> so ago. This problem only occurs in X mode, in terminal everything
> works fine.

Ah ha!  Hadn't thought it would be an Emacs issue.

> In the meantime you could disable the ESC workaround of evil (untested):
> (define-key evil-esc-map (kbd "ESC") nil)

This works.  Thanks.  However, I do use Emacs in terminal mode from my
phone sometimes so will need to do this only on X.  Easy enough to do!

Thanks again,

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