DRY way of remapping a key in all relevant modes

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> I tried to write some Elisp to do this, but it doesn't work (Wrong type
> argument):
> (defun remap-all (char action states)
> (if states (progn (define-key (car states) char action)
> (remap-all char action (cdr states)))))
> (setq states '(evil-normal-state-map evil-visual-state-map))
> (remap-all "i" 'evil-forward-char states)

The problem is that you pass a list of symbols (e.g. (list
'evil-normal-state-map ...)) instead of a list of keymaps. Use (list
evil-normal-state-map ...) to build such a list.

Here's another approach, as recursion is not a fine choice for elisp:

    (defun set-in-all-evil-states (key def &optional maps)
      (unless maps
        (setq maps (list evil-normal-state-map
      (while maps
        (define-key (pop maps) key def)))
    ;; usage

    (set-in-all-evil-states "i" 'evil-forward-char)

    ;; or

    (set-in-all-evil-states "i" 'evil-forward-char (list evil-normal-state-map evil-visual-state-map))
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