scrolling bug; fall-through keys

Leo Alekseyev dnquark at
Wed Jan 11 00:04:14 CET 2012

I find that evil-previous-line doesn't behave well with
(  That is, if
you press "k", when the cursor reaches the top of the window, a new
page will appear.  It should stop at e.g. 5 lines before window edge
and smoothly scroll the text.  evil-next-line works as it is supposed
to, so I suspect this is a bug of some sort.

The second issue I've been wondering about is the following: in my
config, I have 14 lines that make sure that <return> in a particular
mode does what it was originally bound to, e.g.

  (evil-declare-key 'motion completion-list-mode-map (kbd "<return>")
  (evil-declare-key 'motion completion-list-mode-map "RET" 'choose-completion)
  (evil-declare-key 'motion browse-kill-ring-mode-map (kbd "<return>")
  (evil-declare-key 'motion browse-kill-ring-mode-map "RET"

Is there a better way to make sure that <return> always falls through
to the current mode's binding, instead of evil-ret?


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