Differences to viper/vimpulse and vim-mode

Michael Markert markert.michael at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 3 13:25:58 CEST 2011

In another post I mentioned that I edited the Evil emacswiki page and I
found there this:

> It would be nice with a brief overview over the objectives and
> difference to ViperMode.

I thought so, too. And found it difficult to promote evil myself to
others (mostly vimpulse users), because the main reason for myself using
evil is "vim-emulation done right".

I think this is best done not only as a feature list but also as a
compilation of opinions.

The first things I came up with:


- vim keyboard macros
  - recursive ones, too
- support for cursor functions (color and shape based on current mode)

as opposed to viper:

- vim-emulation
  - text objects (deletion, changing, ... of text "syntactically")
  - visual mode (esp. painless rectangular selection)
  - modal state key bindings
  - g* keys
  - ... (most of the other things that vimpulse added)

as opposed to vimpulse:

- vim-emulation that doesn't feel stuck on (I felt myself with vimpulse
  more times than not fighting with viper)
  - changing the state for modes really does work
  - ...
- actively developed

as opposed to vim-mode (I never used it)

- ...

So please chime in!

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