New feature added - search next opens invisible area

York Zhao gtdplatform at
Thu Jun 23 19:59:29 CEST 2011

Hi Vegard,

I have been tied for awhile that the 'n/N' commands are not able to open the
folded text in org-mode, or not able to open the folded invisible souce code
C/C++ mode. Finally I added this feature so that if "search-invisible" is
the "n/N" commands will be able to open an invisible area when the match
that area, at the same time re-close the previouly opened invisible area the
match has just moved away from (provided that the subsequent 'n/N' is
within "vimpulse-flash-delay" and no "non-search" commands had been executed
between the two "n/N" commands).

I added this because I believe that Evil will have the same problem (if it
hasn't been handled yet).

Please find attached my patch file.


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