Vimpulse and vim-mode

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at
Fri Feb 25 17:46:22 CET 2011


my name is Frank Fischer and I'm the maintainer of vim-mode, another 
package providing ViM-like key bindings for Emacs.

I'm following the development of Vimpulse, too, and it seems to me
that Vimpulse tries to drop its Viper-connections in the next 
releases. Well, not relying on Viper with its hard-coded commands was
the main reason for me to start vim-mode about two years ago. Now 
vim-mode is quite advanced since then, all based around a relatively 
small core and a lot of commands and motions, freely configurable and
so on. It has all I need in may daily workflow, but this does not mean
it's complete or perfect or whatever. 

Because Vimpulse and vim-mode both seem to have the same goal or very
similar goals, providing more of Vim's features, and somehow replacing 
the old viper-code by more structured core, the natural question 
arises if we should try to join both projects to a common one.

I think both projects currently have their strengths and weaknesses
and certainly both of us learned a lot about the difficulties when 
trying to make Emacs behave more like Vim, and sharing this experience 
may be a good idea.

So, what do you think?

Frank Fischer

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