[ANN] vim-mode 0.4 released

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Feb 8 12:32:54 CET 2011

This is an announcement of vim-mode 0.4. vim-mode is another 
implementation of vi/vim-like key-bindings for Emacs. The mercurial 
repository is available at


and the documentation at EmacsWiki


This version contains many improvements in existing motions and commands 
as well as new motions and commands and a new interactive 

Version 0.4 should contain most features I wanted to see vim-mode so we 
are heading toward 1.0 release. The main task are therefore code 
cleanup, bugfixing, implementation of missing commands and motions and 
minor improvements, but the core code should remain unchanged.

Vim-mode is an package independent from viper or vimpulse and rewritten 
from scratch. Nevertheless vimpulse should be considered to be more 
feature-rich, more stable and more advanced, so I suggest to test 
vimpulse first before trying vim-mode. The reason is on the one hand 
the stable and well-tested viper-core of vimpulse, on the other hand 
that vim-mode is mainly a one-man-project which means that only those 
commands and motions that I use in my workflow are well-tested.

Best regards
Frank Fischer

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