Fixed the bug that 'back-to-indentation' operation breaks "." repeating

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at
Thu Aug 25 17:19:49 CEST 2011

York Zhao <gtdplatform at> writes:

>>> To me, 'back-to-indentation' is handy because I feel it is easier than pressing
>>> "0" plus "w".
>> And pressing "^" is even easier ;)
> Thanks for reminding, I almost fogot this because of not using it for a long
> time. However I don't think "^" is easier than "M-m" because both "ALT" and "m"
> are next to home row, I press ALT using my thumb so it's much easier than
> pressing SHIFT and of course "m" is much easier than "6". Give "M-m" a go and
> you might like it.

Ah, forgot that we have different keyboard layout ... I do not need
SHIFT on mine ;)


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