After a few evil days...

Michael Markert markert.michael at
Wed Aug 10 18:24:39 CEST 2011

On  9 Aug 2011, Vegard Øye wrote:

> On 2011-08-08 00:32 +0200, Michael Markert wrote:
>> I think it would make the life of users far easier and
>> their config thinner to switch to emacs-state if the mode isn't
>> in `evil-insert-state-modes' or `evil-motion-state-modes'
>> (and maybe add a `evil-normal-state-modes').
> Commit dedf81c adds a `evil-default-state' variable for this purpose:
> (setq evil-default-state 'emacs)
> This makes all unlisted modes come up in Normal state.
> (You can set the initial state for a mode with the function
> `evil-set-initial-state'.)

Thanks for this. Maybe add a `evil-normal-state-modes'?

The reason why I brought this up (and forgot to mention) is that it may
be more easy to compile a list of editing modes than of misc modes
(think of magit and so on).

I also opened a merge request to add more modes to emacs-state and

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