Cursor color in "Emacs state" not persistent

York Zhao gtdplatform at
Wed Aug 3 18:11:43 CEST 2011

Previously the "wrong" cursor color remains even after having closed the
other buffer, but anyways, it is working perfect now. As long as I'm getting
the correct cursor color after the inactive buffer becomes active that
should be more than enough and we shouldn't complain.

>>The cursor /type/ (box, hollow, bar, etc.), on the other hand,
>>is fully buffer-local.

Then should I be using "setq-default" instead of "setq"?

By the way, after a few days of using Evil I'm pretty happy with it. Evil
appears to be "cleaner" and more elegant designed than Viper+Vimpulse,
thanks a lot to your wonderful work Vegard, Frank, Nikolai and all the


On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Vegard Øye <vegard_oye at> wrote:
On 2011-08-03 11:39 +0200, York Zhao wrote:

> I found that being able to set cursor color in different state is
> really useful, so I have the following to set my cursor color in
> emacs state:
> (setq evil-emacs-state-cursor '("red" box))
> and it works, however, after I pressed "C-h k <key>" in emacs state
> the cursor color went back to black.

Emacs allows only one cursor color per "frame" (i.e., window), so the
best I can do is to ensure that the color is determined by the current
buffer (commit 03004f7). If you have two buffers open, then the
inactive buffer's cursor will also change color, unless you disable
inactive cursors altogether by setting `cursor-in-non-selected-windows'
to nil.

The cursor /type/ (box, hollow, bar, etc.), on the other hand,
is fully buffer-local.


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