OT: Format=Flowed e-mails [Re: Self-introduction of a new vimpulse user]

Christoph LANGE langec at web.de
Sun Oct 31 21:36:15 CET 2010

Sunday 2010-10-31 20:55 Vegard Øye:
> Actually, there exists a technical solution to this problem:
> Format=Flowed.
> ...
>     http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2646.txt

Thanks for the background! – I didn't know that.  Indeed KMail does
not support it.  I have just voted for that bug.

> (Plus that I would need to come up with a way to distinguish flowed
> passages from unflowed, since I don't want code fragments and the
> like to flow. It's not impossible -- I tend to indent code by four
> spaces, so I could conceivably write a routine in Emacs which
> overlooks such lines and adds trailing spaces to the rest.)

A quick Google search tells me, IIUC, that it has at least been
implemented in an Emacs-based mail client, and that _that_
implementation respects Emacs's filling behavior in that it
distinguishes hard newlines from the soft newlines that line filling


Not sure, however, if that is helpful when merely using Emacs as an
external editor for some other mail client.



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