surround.vim vimpulse extension

Štěpán Němec stepnem at
Sun Jul 25 00:29:42 CEST 2010

Vegard Øye <vegard_oye at> writes:

> On 2010-07-23 20:46, Tim Harper wrote:
>> I'm not extremely happy with my approach on how I'm looking into the
>> delete/change commands. Basically, I'm hijacking them in doing an
>> advise (as in defadvice) approach.

> Fourth approach: stay with the delete-or-surround DWIM functions, but
> bind them in a separate, toggleable keymap rather than overwriting the
> basic bindings. Like this:
>     (define-minor-mode surround-mode)
>     (vimpulse-define-key 'surround-mode 'vi-state "d"
> vimpulse-delete-surround-or-delete)
>     (vimpulse-define-key 'surround-mode 'vi-state "c"
> vimpulse-change-surround-or-change)
> Then you can enable surround-mode in certain buffers as appropriate,
> or turn it into a global minor mode.

(With the usual disclaimer about my very limited knowledge of Vimpulse
and Viper,) this strikes me as the cleanest one -- it just looks so
Right. :-D Defining this kind of minor modes (possibly global -- I assume
that would work, too?) is perhaps The Way for writing Vimpulse plug-ins.
(And to put some more ashes on my head, this seems to be precisely the
kind of thing for which you implemented these binding commands recently
and which I failed to appreciate at the time.)

Thanks for the insight!


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