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Mon Jul 19 16:45:59 CEST 2010

Excerpts from Štěpán Němec's message of Mon Jul 19 08:47:01 +0200 2010:
> Marc Weber <marco-oweber at> writes:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > I've been using Vim for years. However I'm at a point I think Vim will
> > no longer serve (all) my needs - that's because the core is lacking
> > functionality - which can be implemented - but would take a lot of
> > time.
> Welcome to the club. ;-)
> > I want to thank you - I was very pleased seeing that these features
> > just work:
> >   - ctrl-vI..<esc> (instert into multiple lines)
> >   - text objects
> >   - all visual modes
> >   - % in combination with visual mode.
> >
> > So Emacs comes pretty close to what I'm used to (which I use most)
> >
> > There is one last thing which I'm missing:
> > Opening files by glob patterns:
> >
> > noremap :e  :e<space>**/*
> Be sure to also have a look at Frank Fischer's Vim mode:
I will. However I'm not interested in duplicating Vim functionality.
I want the navigation and movement combinations I use most.
And they seem to work.

> Yeah, I think that the double asterisk doesn't work (don't know if some
> Emacs package implements it); but normal shell patterns do work, even
> with plain `find-file'. Ido provides an `ido-wide-find-file-or-pop-dir'
> command, bound to M-f, which uses `find' to search for a file under
> current directory. I'm guessing that could help?

Yes. But I get
  exit-minibuffer: No catch for tag: exit, nil

when asking it to find the file Main.scala

Maybe its time to learn how to debug Emacs then..

> Hm... Although I do often use :qa! (I have it bound to a key) in Vim, I
> _never_ felt the need in Emacs :-D.
When testing Emacs plugin I rather restart than try to update scripts
using reload-file or such

How are you supposed to scroll in vimpulse

ctrl-u is still mapped to emacs. m-v does no longer work.
Is this due to my (setq viper-expert-level '4) ?
Yes it is. So I have to rebind something.

in command line I'm missing ctrl-u eg when opening files
c-a c-k is bearable though.

Thanks for your help - and to all who worked on this .el files!

You should try to integrate vimpulse into mainline Emacs if at all possible.

Marc Weber

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