Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Mon Jul 19 03:20:06 CEST 2010

Hi list,

I've been using Vim for years. However I'm at a point I think Vim will
no longer serve (all) my needs - that's because the core is lacking
functionality - which can be implemented - but would take a lot of

I want to thank you - I was very pleased seeing that these features
just work:
  - ctrl-vI..<esc> (instert into multiple lines)
  - text objects
  - all visual modes
  - % in combination with visual mode.

So Emacs comes pretty close to what I'm used to (which I use most)

There is one last thing which I'm missing:
Opening files by glob patterns:

noremap :e  :e<space>**/*

In #emacs I was told use ido-find-file ..
However patterns like this **/*Main.scala doen't work for me.

creating a buffer with output of find then using gf (which works!)
is not a perfect solution.

Having gF implemented properly would be fine, because I use it often
when reading Exception logs - I can still fallback to Vim.

Do you have some more hacks in you ~/.emacs making using Emacs easier
for Vim addicts?

Eg is there a :qa! like command (without the nasty: You have unsaved
open files..)

Marc Weber

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