[Vimpulse] status of vimpulse-connect-undos

Stephen Bach sjbach at sjbach.com
Fri Jul 9 20:50:54 CEST 2010

I've spent the last couple days updating my ancient personal
viper/Vimpulse configuration to the current devhead.  Pretty happy,
especially with these:

  - working visual mode
  - text objects
  - /- and ?-style searching integrated with isearch for better

So, great work. :-)  It's really nice to see development moving forward

Now, the single impacting regression I've run up against so far is with
undo.  Unlike Vim and my old version of Vimpulse, reverting a change
with e.g. "cw" requires two undos instead of one.  This is a pretty
significant deviation, at least for my workflow.

I scanned through the code and saw vimpulse-connect-undos, currently
disabled because of a dependency on undo-tree.el.  A couple questions:

  1. What makes undo-tree.el preferable to redo.el, for Vimpulse's
  2. Is fixing "cw" and friends a priority, or is it something that
     users of Vimpulse have learned to live with?


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