[implementations-list] Ann: vim-mode 0.2

Frank Fischer frank.fischer at mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de
Sat Jan 23 22:23:54 CET 2010


in this mail I'd like to announce the release of vim-mode 0.2, another 
implementation of vim-like keybindings for emacs. Note that vim-mode is still 
in early development, so it's full of bugs and some features missing. 

Look at the EmacsWiki page:

The mercurial repository and downloads can be found at

This version includes the following features:
  - normal-mode, operator-pending mode
  - visual-mode (including linewise/block)
  - easy definition of new commands, motions and mappings
  - progra
  - window-commands
  - ex-mode
The following stuff has to be improved:
  - marks
  - registers
  - documentation
  - implementation of most text-objects (the framework is ready, only the
    functions describing an object are missing)
  - interactive :substitute
  - XEmacs integration

Feel free to send comments, bug-reports, patches ...


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