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Vegard Øye vegard_oye at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 12 20:28:02 CET 2010

> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:57:07 +0100
> From: stepnem at gmail.com
>> We are approaching release. Has anyone tried the latest revisions?
> Yeah, I just updated to the latest (special thanks for
> Emacs-compatible rectangles).

You're welcome. :)

> If you look at `eldoc-add-command', you see it takes (&rest cmds), so it
> does exactly what you need (i.e. simply something like
> (eldoc-add-command
> (append vimpulse-...))

Ah, I didn't think of using `apply'. Here's the new code from
changeset [81]:

    (eval-after-load 'eldoc
      '(apply 'eldoc-add-command
              (append vimpulse-viper-movement-cmds

Much cleaner and readable. :)

(To those who don't use ElDoc, it works with Elisp and shows function
arguments in the minibuffer (though it can also be extended to other
languages). The code above tells ElDoc, if loaded, to refresh the
minibuffer whenever a Viper command moves point.)

> (I also don't see the point of wrapping `let' around `dolist', am I
> missing something?)

`dolist' needs a temporary variable to bind each list element to.

> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;; VISUAL MODE BINDINGS ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> (define-key viper-vi-basic-map "v" 'vimpulse-visual-mode)
> (define-key viper-vi-basic-map "V" 'vimpulse-visual-mode-linewise)
> This should be deleted, as you redefine "v" and "V" later anyway, and
> the following has nothing to do with Visual mode.

Yes. Visual bindings don't belong in vimpulse-misc-keybindings.el at
all. The file has turned into a "miscellaneous" section of sorts.
I think it would be cleaner to have a vimpulse-keys.el file which
merges vimpulse-modal.el with the keybinding stuff in
vimpulse-misc-keybindings.el, while the rest could go in
vimpulse-commands.el or some such.

I also think the current file names are too long. The libraries
bundled with either Emacs seldom use more than one hyphen in their
file names. Viper, for instance, consists of viper.el, viper-cmd.el,
viper-ex.el, viper-init.el, viper-keym.el, viper-macs.el,
viper-mous.el and viper-util.el.

Here's a renaming proposal:

    vimpulse-dependencies.el                 => vimpulse-depend.el
    vimpulse-misc-keybindings.el             => vimpulse-keys.el
    vimpulse-paren-matching.el               => vimpulse-paren.el
    vimpulse-text-object-system.el           => vimpulse-text.el
    vimpulse-viper-function-redefinitions.el => vimpulse-viper.el
    vimpulse-visual-mode.el                  => vimpulse-visual.el

What do you think?

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