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> About Vimpulse: if I have selected a region while in Normal mode, can
> I switch to Visual while keeping the selection? 'v' loses it.

That's because Vimpulse doesn't use Emacs' regions; Emacs' regions and
Vim's selections differ slightly in that Vim includes the character
under the cursor and Emacs doesn't, so the current version of Vimpulse
has its own "visual region" and a specialized set of commands acting
on it.

I am using a custom visual mode which creates an Emacs region short of
one character and "expands" the region to encompass the last character
when a command is issued. My visual line selection employs the same
"expand" principle, and an overlay makes the whole thing cosmetically
indistinguishable from a "real" Vim selection. The benefit of this is
that Emacs' entire command set is applicable on the selection -- for
instance, in AUCTeX mode I can type `v e C-c C-f C-e' to emphasize a
word. I intend to post it here some time during the holidays.

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