[implementations-list] Welcome, Vegard, our newest committer

Vegard Øye vegard_oye at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 26 01:53:52 CET 2009

> From: jasonspiro3 at gmail.com
> Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 22:38:08 -0500
> You can help us as much or as little as you want. After you do any
> patch reviewing or other work which gets included in Vimpulse, please
> add yourself to the Acknowledgements file.

Is it okay if I use the format below to avoid spam?

    Vegard Øye <vegard underline oye at hotmail dot com>

> Since you're new, I think it'd be better if you not commit your own
> patch until at least one person other than you has tested it and told
> you it works for them on their version of *macs. This can be a friend
> or classmate of yours, or someone on IRC (Vimpulse has no IRC channel
> yet, but Emacs has one), or someone on the mailing list.

That's fair, but I don't know of anyone outside this mailing list who
is using Emacs with Vim keys. (BTW, do you mean the "small fixes"
patch I posted to the mailing list on 1 Dec, or vimpulse-modal.el?)

> You can do whatever else you like. Something useful, I think, would
> be to deal or help deal with open issues in Trac.

Yes, I intend to start with the older ones. However, the current
revision has problems of its own which also need attention -- see

> Release whenever you want. The steps to do include editing the
> version and Changelog top version, and testing to make sure that
> Vimpulse will load and work on your version of Emacs and XEmacs.

The current SVN revision, 0.3.0+svn, does not work properly on neither
Emacs nor XEmacs. XEmacs 21.4.22 complains of "Malformed list:
:background" when executing (require 'vimpulse) in the *scratch*
buffer, and Vimpulse is not loaded; try again, however, and it loads.
But Visual mode doesn't work, as `make-overlay' is undefined in
XEmacs. XEmacs doesn't have overlays, but something superficially
similar called "extents", so any code for coloring text needs to
written twice, it seems.

As for GNU Emacs 23.1, the problems are more easy to fix: first, cl.el
needs to be loaded, either by doing (require 'cl) before loading
Vimpulse or prepending (eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) to Vimpulse's
code. (In the long run, we should probably rid the code of all cl.el
dependencies.) There's also a complaint of a free variable
`vimpulse-last-yank' in vimpulse-visual-mode.el, but this is just a
matter of moving all variable declarations to the beginning of the
file, which is where they should be anyway.

To sum up, I feel the above fixes for GNU Emacs are so trivial they
should just be committed without further ado (but let me know if you
disagree), but XEmacs is significantly more work (I don't know how
much). I think XEmacs support will have to be put on hold for now, and
returned to before release.

> Create an svn tag too. I think it would be best if every EmacsWiki
> version corresponded to some SVN numbered revision. After you
> release, bump the version in svn by adding "+svn" to its number.

If I understand correctly, 0.3.0+svn is the working copy of 0.3.1
(or whatever number the next release will have). Should I make a tag
copy of version 0.3.0, which is found on EmacsWiki?

> I use M-q in Emacs to re-wrap comments in the area at the top of the
> file.

Yes, this keystroke is ingrained into my muscle memory. :)

> I don't remember anymore what "copyright-significant" means. Maybe
> the huge copyright-related mailing list thread from earlier this
> year contains an answer? I don't remember.

IIRC, 15 lines is the "magic" number. So, for example, that the latest
version of vimpulse-modal.el incorporates three lines from a certain
XEmacs request thread is probably not significant.

Happy holidays!

Vegard Øye
Nye Windows 7: PCen som passer for deg. Finn ut mer.

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