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Tue Dec 1 23:09:51 CET 2009

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> Subject: Re: [implementations-list] [PATCH] Small fixes
> The right way to use cl.el is:
> (eval-when-compile (require 'cl))

Ah, I see. So replace my (require 'cl) with that, and the problem is
temporarily sorted. Here's what it says in the CL manual:

   *Please note:* the "CL" functions are not standard parts of the
   Emacs Lisp name space, so it is legitimate for users to define them
   with other, conflicting meanings. To avoid conflicting with those
   user activities, we have a policy that packages installed in Emacs
   must not load "CL" at run time. (It is ok for them to load "CL" at
   compile time only, with `eval-when-compile', and use the macros it
   provides.) If you are writing packages that you plan to distribute
   and invite widespread use for, you might want to observe the same

As one webpage puts it, "This sucks, because about half of the useful
things in CL are functions and not macros." But as it happens,
`destructuring-bind' is a macro. :)
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