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This is from a friend, if you can support please do and share it around.
Thank you!

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Subject: A Night of Terror and a Renewed Call for Help
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Dear Friends, Supporters, and Allies,

I'm reaching out during a time of dire need and unprecedented urgency. My
family in Gaza is living every moment on the brink of catastrophe, with the
situation worsening daily. Just last night, a devastating bombing struck
right beside our home, claiming lives and leaving children fighting for
theirs in intensive care.

We've launched a campaign to raise funds to evacuate my family from this
nightmare, to bring them to safety away from the relentless violence. In
just a short time, we've seen incredible support, raising £10,000 of our
£60,000 goal. But time is a luxury we can no longer afford, and every
moment counts.

I'm asking for your help—not just in donations, but in spreading the word.
Share our campaign with your networks, talk about it, and make it known. We
accept all forms of contributions, including bank transfers and cash
donations. Every little bit brings us closer to our goal of safeguarding my
family's lives.

*Please, stand with us in this critical moment. Your support can carve out
a path to safety and hope for my family amid
despair.https://gofund.me/aae91540 <https://gofund.me/aae91540> *

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and action. Together, we can make
a difference.


Saleh AbuShamala

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