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Greetings - I thought the group would be interested in this announcement
and no-cost curriculum about Economics and alternatives!

A free introductory curriculum on capitalism, solidarity, & how we get free

*Economics for Emancipation is here! *

A free introductory curriculum on capitalism, solidarity, & how we get free
[image: An illustrated graphic with ''Economics for Emancipation'' against
a green star backsplash on the top right corner. On the left are four
rounded mounds next to each other in yellow green, green, red-orange, and
black. From left to right,, there are drawings of a person shouting into a
speaker amplifier, a person reading to a group of four children, a clock.
Next to those colored mounds is a mountain range with four scenes happening
on top of it: a person holding up a rake, a person in a wheelchair, a dog
walking, and a person carrying a child.]


The Center for Economic Democracy is excited to launch *Economics for
Emancipation (E4E)*, a seven-module introductory curriculum that offers a
deep critical dive into the current political economic system, exploration
of alternative economic systems, and dynamic tools to dream and build the
economy that centers care, relationship, and liberation.


E4E has been shaped by decades of dialogue between progressive economists,
grassroots organizers, and rank & file union workers; we hope it will
strengthen your analysis, fuel your spirit and connect you to efforts
challenging this economic system at its root.

Our portal offers free access to the online curriculum materials, which
includes 25+ self-guided video lessons, an interactive workbook, and a
facilitator guide for the workshops.
[image: A giphy of of an animation that ends with the text ''How does it
feel to be alive in the solidarity economy?'']


This course was created using a popular education approach that is
accessible to organizers, educators, activists, and community members. If
you are a member or leader of a grassroots or movement organization, this
curriculum was designed to support your organizing work in your community.
We recommend that you gather a group of up to 25 people with a lead
educator/facilitator to dive into the study and praxis of our course.
Individuals can also take the course alone with the videos and interactive

*Visit our site*


COVID has surfaced and emphasized the many failures of our current economic
system in meeting the needs of people and the planet. It has also surfaced
our ability to create structures of support and solidarity.
We have a responsibility as organizers and educators in US-based social
movements to bring our people in, move slower and study together. Not
because we stop fighting the bad, but because in studying we draw
inspiration from ancestors who had similar fights over the centuries and
learn from their experiences. We become more strategic thinkers and deepen
our analysis of social problems and the possible routes to freedom.


The current version of this course is the result of many years of work
first led by the Center for Popular Economics (CPE) – a collective which
was founded in 1979 by radical (or heterodox) economists out of the
University of Massachusetts Amherst. They ran a yearly “Summer Institute”
for union organizers in New England.

Since 2019, CPE has partnered with the Center for Economic Democracy (CED)
to update and redesign its curriculum into “Economics for Emancipation”
(E4E).  During the 2020 COVID crisis, CPE and CED worked to adapt E4E for
virtual learning geared towards regional cohorts of just transition and
social justice organizers, and thus was born this offering.


The Center for Economic Democracy (CED)
is a US social movement building organization, growing capacity in our
communities to transition from capitalism into a just, sustainable, and
democratic economy. Based in Boston, CED supports local racial and economic
justice initiatives like the Boston Ujima Project, Coalition for Worker
Ownership and Power (COWOP), the Solidarity Economy Initiative and The
Better Budget Alliance, while offering training and technical assistance
for economic democracy efforts across the US.


The Center for Popular Economics is a nonprofit collective of political
economists based in Amherst, MA out of the University of Massachusetts
(UMass). Since our founding in 1979, thousands of people have participated
in our workshops and Institutes. Our programs and publications demystify
the economy and put useful economic tools in the hands of people fighting
for social and economic justice. We examine root causes of economic
inequality and injustice including systems of oppression based on race,
class, gender, nation and ethnicity.

We welcome your suggestions and questions. We would especially love to hear
about how you plan to use this curriculum! Contact us at
info at economics4emancipation.net.

In solidarity,

Sarah Wang, Education Programs & Research Manager

Amrita Wassan, Senior Director of Programs

Francisco Pérez, Senior Economist

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