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This may be of interest


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Subject: 	A student focused Web portal - building the pipeline
Date: 	Fri, 28 Oct 2022 10:06:27 +0000
From: 	Caroline Hossein <caroline.hossein at utoronto.ca>
To: 	Caroline Hossein <caroline.hossein at utoronto.ca>
CC: 	Antonio Torres-Ruiz <antonio.torres.ruiz at utoronto.ca>

Join this online portal focused on our students!

We are targeting mostly undergrads who feel alone esp #Firstgen and 1st 
and 2nd year students. I am doing this group with my colleagues at 
@utsc, namely Prof Antonio Torres-Ruiz, copied here


We care about building the pipeline for students new to higher education.

So join this web portal, it's free, a #Groupme app for students who want 
to share ideas and attend events!

Share this link with your undergrads, a screen shot of the group is 
attached so they can See who is there!


Caroline Shenaz Hossein (BA, LLB, MPA, PhD)
Associate Professor of Global Development & Political Science, 
Department of Global Development Studies
University of Toronto Scarborough

Graduate Appointment to the Department of Political Science
University of Toronto

2022 Fellow, Postgrowth Institute

Founder, The Diverse Solidarity Economies 

Emailcaroline.hossein at utoronto.ca
Twitter @carolinehossein
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