[PeDAGoG] A new article on REDWeb - "Giorgia on our minds": Exploring "alternatives" as the ultra- right overtakes Italy

Pallav Das dpallav at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 06:13:19 CEST 2022


A new article, "Giorgia on our minds": Exploring "alternatives" as the
ultra-right overtakes Italy" has just been uploaded to the Radical
Ecological Democracy website:


As the ultra-right prepares to take power in Italy following the recent
elections, a major soul searching is underway among the left and
progressive circles on what ails their movement, and how to reconstruct an
agenda to appeal to the alienated Italian electorate. Mitja Stefancic
probes the recent failures of the Italian left and concludes that
progressive politics can only be revived if alternative political movements
are accompanied by reliable economic “alternatives” that challenge the
top-down neoliberal model.

Please take a look and join the discussion on RED listserv or the website
discussion forum. The author is copied on this email, in case you would
like to contact him directly.

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