[PeDAGoG] A new article on REDWeb - "Technology and (dis0empowerment: A call to technologists"

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A new article, "Technology and (dis)empowerment: A call to technologists"
has been uploaded on the Radical Ecological Democracy website.


Could technology become an unambiguous force of social good, and help usher
in a more equitable and fairer ecosystem capable of handling challenges of
inequality, exploitation, poverty and climate change? Aaditeshwar Seth
answers this important question in his recently published book, "Technology
and (Dis)empowerment: A Call to Technologists". In this article, Seth
discusses the many ways in which technology could aim to overturn hegemonic
and unjust social and economic structures to create an equal and just
society, a strikingly bold thread running through his book.

Please take a look and join the discussion on REDlistserv or the website
discussion forum. The author is copied on this email in case you would like
to contact him directly.

Also, this coming winter Aaditeshwar and I will be joined by a group of
alternative technology thinkers and practitioners in a series of
web-discussions to probe the emerging rift between technology and society,
and how to imagine and craft an alternative paradigm for integrating
appropriate technology into the world's socio-economic structures. We would
love to hear your ideas about what this series should explore and what
topics would be of  your immediate concern. We look forward to hearing from

Best wishes,

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