[PeDAGoG] [Global U] Africa (7 June) - Issa Shivji and Saleh Mamon

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2022 South South Dialogue on Sustainability



Global University for Sustainability

CCRD-CS, Lingnan University

Daraja Press

Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives

*7 **June** 2022 (Tuesday)*

*Hong Kong Time (GMT+8): 9:00 – 11:00 PM*

*Critical Elements of PanAfrican Thought *

Professor Issa Shivji is one of Africa’s leading experts on law and
development issues. He has served as an advocate of the high court and the
Court of Appeal of Tanzania since 1977. He is the former Mwalimu Julius
Nyerere Research Chair in Pan-African Studies at the University of Dar es
Salaam. His books include *Class Struggles in Tanzania* (1976), *Pan-Africanism
or Pragmatism: Lessons of Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union* (2008), and *Accumulation
in an African Periphery: A Theoretical Framework* (2009).

*Popular Resistance and the Armed Forces in Sudan*

*Saleh Mamon* has been a teacher and retired as a headteacher. He is active
in campaigns for social justice particularly against the criminalization of
asylum seekers, refugees, and other minority communities. His research
interest is in the history and contemporary life of the people and nations
of the Global South. He currently writes articles on these issues, please
visit his website: https://salehmamon.com/

Languages: English and Chinese simultaneous interpreting

*Zoom Registration Link: *


Live streaming on Bilibili (Putonghua):


*For the details, please visit: *


(中文简体) https://our-global-u.org/oguorg/zhs/南南大讲堂 – 非洲人民解放征程
[image: 20220607_English_Portrait.jpg]

[image: 20220607_Chinese_Portrait.jpg]

*Video Recordings of Previous Lectures on the YouTube:*

20220308 Africa - Firoze MANJI and Yoporeka SOMET (English)


20220308 Afrique - Firoze MANJI, Yoporeka SOMET (French)


20220308 非洲人民解放征程 - Firoze MANJI, Yoporeka SOMET (Chinese)


20220322 Africa - Richard Pithouse and Tariq Mehmood (English)


20220322 非洲人民解放征程 - Richard Pithouse, Tariq Mehmood (Chinese)


20220419 Africa - Ndongo Samba Sylla and Fanny Pigeaud; S’bu Zikode


20220419 非洲人民解放征程 - Ndongo Samba Sylla, Fanny Pigeaud; S’bu Zikode (Chinese)


20220419 Afrique - Ndongo Samba Sylla and Fanny Pigeaud; S’bu Zikode


20220503 Africa - Mῖcere Gῖthae Mũgo; Gacheke Gachihi, Gathanga Ndung’u,
Maryanne Kasina (English)


20220503 非洲人民解放征程 - Mῖcere Gῖthae Mũgo; Gacheke Gachihi, Gathanga Ndung’u,
Maryanne Kasina (Chinese)


20220517 Africa - Michael Neocosmos and Yao Graham (English)


20220517 非洲人民解放征程 - Michael Neocosmos, Yao Graham (Chinese)

薛翠 (西南大学中国乡村建设学院副教授)

Dr. SIT Tsui, Margaret Jade
Associate Professor
Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China
Southwest University, Chongqing, China (Postal code: 400715)
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