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Colleagues, this book, promoted as an attempt to decolonise the 
curriculum, may be of interest,


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Dear Colleagues and Respected Professors,

Greetings of the day!.

Please find the details of the book from my PhD supervisor.
It is a fantastic topic and would interest many of you. This has been 
one of his dream projects and a magnificent contribution by Prof Surya 
P. Subedi to the field of Human Rights

*_Professor Surya Subedi’s contribution to human rights and to 
decolonising _**_the curriculum_*

There has been a great deal of debate in the recent past about 
decolonising the curriculum in universities around the globe and a call 
for the use of more inclusive and diverse literature for teaching. The 
values of Western civilisations and their contribution to the 
development of human rights, the rule of law and democracy have been 
asserted in a wide range of literature. In contrast, few studies have 
been conducted on the values of Eastern civilisations and their 
contribution to the development of human rights in the wider sense of 
the term. Western scholars are not usually familiar with the vast body 
of scholarship in Eastern civilisations; nor do many of them go far back 
in history to understand and appreciate the contribution of Eastern 
civilisations. This intellectual gap renders the work of such scholars 
limited in scope. It is in this context that this new book examines the 
values of Eastern civilisations and their contribution to the 
development of the United Nations Human Rights agenda. Professor Surya 
P. Subedi QC, OBE, DCL of the School of Law at the University of Leeds 
has demonstrated in his recent publication entitled “Human Rights in 
Eastern Civilisations” published by a major British publishing house, 
Edward Elgar, how cross-fertilisation of values between the Eastern and 
Western civilisations has taken place and how the notion of the 
universality of human rights has been enriched by the values of 
different civilisations. In his book, Professor Subedi has analysed the 
values of Eastern civilisations and their contribution to the 
development of the UN human rights agenda. The book focuses on the norms 
underpinning Eastern philosophies to assess the extent to which the 
ancient Eastern civilisations already had human rights values embedded 
in them. Various chapters in the book explore the expression of values 
in the scriptures and practices of the Eastern philosophies, assessing 
their influence on the contemporary understanding of human rights. 
Rejecting the argument based on the so-called “Asian Values” that is 
often used to undermine the universality of human rights, the book 
argues that secularism, personal liberty, tolerance, and universalism 
are at the heart of the main scriptures of Eastern civilisations. When 
discussing human rights, this study is not only referring to human 
rights in the modern sense of the term – that is, the human rights 
developed mainly after the establishment of the United Nations and 
within the framework of Western political thought. Rather, this study is 
considering human rights in a wider sense and in a much earlier 
historical context. The following is the link to this new book:


The flyer is attached for your reference.

Best Wishes,
Dr Amrisha Pandey
Assistant Professor of Law in School of Maritime Law, Policy and 
Gujarat Maritime University.
Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Email: amrisha8@ <mailto:amrisha8 at leeds.ac.uk>gmail.com 
<http://gmail.com>; Twitter: @PandeyAmrisha8
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