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Dear Ashis,

Trust you are all doing well and staying safe, please take care. Please 
see below an email from our colleague and friends which is self 
explanatory. Please see whether some one can use this opportunity, 
retards, Stanley

Dear Colleagues,

over the next 4 years, the DAAD will fund the ABCD-Centre for Global 
Water and Climate Adaptation 
in which RWTH and IIT Madras are involved. The center fosters a young 
generation of globally oriented environmental specialists. Equipped 
with international research, management and communication skills, even 
entry-level professionals will have a significant impact on the 
increasingly important field of climate adaptation.

The Centre facilitates careers in the fields of water security and 
climate adaptation. A master's degree program on "Water Security and 
Global Change" and a joint doctoral program are being established in 
Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai and Dresden (ABCD), in addition to dialogue 
formats for young scholars.

Graduates of Theology will thus have interesting options for further 
academic qualification, for example with the goal of a doctorate in the 
field of Climate Ethics and Development. The Centre does not provide 
full stipends, but offers a Start-up phase for project design 
and scholarship application in Germany.

The Aachen Institute for Theology is part of the Cluster 3 "Transfer 
Strategies for Climate Adaptation". It regularly offers the M.A.-Programm

Theology and Global Development (Theologie und Globale Entwicklung) 
<https://www.rwth-aachen.de/cms/root/Studium/Vor-dem-Studium/Studiengaenge/Liste-Aktuelle-Studiengaenge/Studiengangbeschreibung/~euzn/Theologie-und-Globale-Entwicklung-M-A/> in 
German language and conducts research in Theology and Technology.

Kind regards,

Axel Siegemund

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Axel Siegemund
Interdisciplinary Research Areas between Theology, Natural Sciences, and 
RWTH Aachen University
Theaterplatz 14, Zi. 251
52062 Aachen

You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, 
but you will never imprison my mind. M K Gandhi

William Stanley
00 91 9849120377

'to help people to help themselves - people's development in people's hands'
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