[PeDAGoG] "Mobilising Our Conscience", Virtual Campfire, 30 - 31st Jan

Nadarajah Manickam amanibana at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 12:32:28 CET 2021

Dear Friends:


The *Centre for New Humanities and Compassion Studies,* Xavier University
Bhubaneswar, *Indian Social Institute*, New Delhi and *Loyola Institute for
Peace and International Relations,* Kochi started an initiative in
October 2020. Entitled "*Virtues in Movement: Mobilising Our Conscience"*,
it is now in the fourth month.

The* first stage* of the initiative is a video collection
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDt7Ju2LG-iZqZR2PaYOKQg/videos>. The
videos are NOT an attempt to just capture people deeds for the Common
Good but importantly directed at "recovering" the internal and external
processes that led to taking those actions. That we felt would be a great
learning resource particularly for young people. We have paused the video
collection till March 2021. It will continue after that. The *second stage* is
running a number of "virtual gatherings". We call it the
*"Virtual Campfire"*. Our first virtual campfire is on the 30th and 31st of
January 2021. *This email is to alert you to that gathering.* The second
information brochure on the programme is attached for your kind attention.
Please do have a look. (Also, as web links.) We will send the final one on
the 21st of Jan. (The *third stage* of the initiative will involve the
co-creation of "self-evolving" structured learning programmes on
"Mobilising Our Conscience". Please look out for our announcements on this.)

If time permits, please do visit the website for the fledgeling VIM
Network: VIM (Virtues in Movement) Network website here
Or, you can visit specific pages in relation to the *Virtual Campfire I *

   - Background <https://amanibana.wixsite.com/vim-network/bakground>
   - Programme <https://amanibana.wixsite.com/vim-network/programme> (2nd
   of 3 Information Brochures)
   - Raising Concerns
   <https://amanibana.wixsite.com/vim-network/raising-concerns> (by young
   people and students - reflections, songs, music, poetry, video clips, etc)
   - Heart to Heart
   <https://amanibana.wixsite.com/vim-network/heart-to-heart> (Exchanges
   with Artists and Filmmakers -- 2 documentaries have been lined up this
   time. Please see them to be able to participate in this session.
   - Critical Conversations
   <https://amanibana.wixsite.com/vim-network/conversations> (between and
   with public intellectuals, teachers, activists and community elders)

Hope you will find time to attend at least some sessions.  We also hope
that you can alert/encourage your students and network members to join in
the campfire gathering.

Warm Regards,

*Please Note:*
These web pages are on a bona fide web service provider (wix.com). Some
persons have alerted me to a warning message they get when they tried to
access the pages. The site and pages are safe (as others tell me). But I
leave it entirely to your discretion to access the web pages and the web
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