[Forticsl-progetto] F light, and so had the afternoon darkened that it was as if a mourning v

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AD TO CADIZ It was a mouse who gnawed a hole in the net that entangled
the lion. Now, I am no lion in importance, nor was Colonel
O'Donnel's messenger of as little significance as a mouse; yet he was
the last creature to whom I would have looked
for succour in a moment of stress. Nevertheless to him I

owed my rescue. "A mistake,
a mistake," he chirped, jumping about, bird-like, just outside the
circle of struggling men. "I am a verger here; this gentleman was with
He did nothing. He is a most respectable and twice wealthy person, a
tourist whom I guide. He is innocent--no
anarchist, no free-thinker. That other--that pretended brother--has made
a practical joke. See, he has run away to escape consequences. There is
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