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I'll pick you up and carry you out and straight to your grandmother."
"Yes you would--make a scene." "The scene could hardly be improved.
Will you go?" He half rose. Even Madame Zattiany
at him apprehensively. Miss Oglethorpe laughed uncertainly.
"Oh, very well. At least we never furnish material for your
newspapers. That's just one thing we think beneath us."

She rose and extended her hand. "Good night, Madame Zattiany," she
said with a really comical assumption

of the grand manner.
"It has been a great pleasure

to meet you." Madame Zattiany took the proffered hand. "Good night,"
she said sweetly. "Your little comedy has been most amusing. Many
thanks." Miss Oglethorpe jerked her shoulders. "Well, console dear
unky. He'd like

the floor to open and swallow him. Ta! Ta!" She ran back to her table,
and its hilarity was shortly augmented. Madame Zattiany looked at
Clavering aghast. "But it is worse than I supposed!" she exclaimed.
"It is really a tragedy.
Poor Mrs. Oglethorpe." Then she laughed, silently but with
intense amusement.
"I wish she had been here! After all! . . . Nevertheless, it is a
tragedy. An Oglethorpe! A mere child intoxicated . . . and truly
atrocious manners.
Why don't her people put her in a sanitarium?" "Parents count about as
much today as women counted in the cave era.

But it is abominable that you should be made conspicuous." "Oh, that!
I have

been conspicuous all my life. And you must admit that she
had the centre of

the stage! If any one is
to be commiserated, it is you. But you really behaved admira
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