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11th instant; and in three weeks time, after a mighty contest, be
succeeded by a cardinal of the imperial faction, but native of Tuscany,
who is now about sixty-one years old.
The French army acts now wholly on the defensive, strongly fortify'd in
their trenches; and the young French
King sends
overtures for a treaty of peace by the Duke of Mantua; which, because
it is a matter of state
that concerns us here at home, I shall speak no farther of it. I shall

add but one prediction more, and that in mystical terms, which shall be
included in a verse out of Virgil, Alter erit jam Tethys, & altera quae
vehat Argo. Delectos heroas. Upon the 25th day of this month, the
fulfilling of this prediction will be manifest to every body. This is
the farthest I have proceeded in my calculations for the present year.
I do not pretend, that these are all the great events which
will happen in this period, but

that those I have set down will infallibly come
to pass. It will perhaps still be objected, why I have not spoke more
particularly of affairs at home, or of the
success of our armies abroad, which I might, and could very largely
have done; but those in power have wisely discouraged men from meddling
in publick concerns, and I was resolv'd by no means to give the least
offence. This I will venture to say, That it will be a glorious
campaign for the allies, wherein the English forces, both
by sea and land, will have their full share of honour: That her Majesty
Queen Anne

will continue in health and prosperity: And that no ill accident
will arrive to any of the chief ministry. As to the particular events I
have mention'd, the readers may judge by the fulfilling of 'em, whether
I am on the level
with common astrologers;
who, with an old paultry
cant, and a few pothook for planets, to amuse the vulgar, have, in my
opinion, too long been suffer'd to abuse the world: But an honest
physician ought
not to be despis'd, because there are such things as mountebanks. I
hope I have some share of
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