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Herefore, you should be so wrongde I wakt, but then contemned it as a
dreame; Yet since my minde beates on it mightelie, And though I thinke
it vaine, if you vouchsafe, Ile make a triall of the truthe hereof.
[_Exit_. _Alp_. Do, good _Leander. Hardenbergh_, your sonne Perhaps
deludes me with a vision[79] To mocke my vision that deferde the
Dutchesse, And with _Hyanthe_ closlie keepes my sonne. _Hard_. Your
sonne was madde and drownd: this cannot bee. _Alp_. But yet this
circumventing speech [of his] Offered suspition of such event. _Stro_.
My lord, most fortunate were that event That would restore your sonne
from death to life. _Har_. As though a vision should do such a deed!
_Alp_. No, no, the boyes young brain was humorous: His servant and his
Page did see him drown'd. _Enter Leander, Alberdure, Hyanthe; Alberdure
seeming fearefull to come forward_. _Lea_. Come on, sweet friend; I
warrant thee thy love; Shun not thy fathers sight that longs for thee.
_Alb_. Go then before, and we will follow straight. _Lea_. Comfort, m
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