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But there only 266 miles between Bahrain and Abu Dhabi - not that much more than between Monza and Imola, relatively speaking. But here we go today, the latest times from Valencia are in, and once again, Alonso has led the pack.
On Being a Dad - Xavier is now 4 and a quarter months old. If you know of other emerging churches in Sydney feel free to leave their details in comments below.
Send via SMSBlogThis! Last time we saw each other I was working part time for a fairly large church as a youth pastor and was studying theology with the rest of my time.
I guess once a church has been around for a while it can be expected - especially when it has a web presence. His new teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, dropped down to fifth, but only about 3 tenths of a second behind Massa.
The last one was great.
important; background:inherit ! Some with and some without kids. No single team or driver is dominating the testing this winter. This Martian-impersonating pair hails from Western Ireland, created by former BMW designer Aonghus O'hEocha.
I can only answer for myself.
Some with and some without kids.
We were then invited to share it and what it triggered for us. I may have to get in touch with Adrian again to record another interview. Adrian Newey, pictured left, with David Coulthard, a Red Bull driver.
Both he and his mum are doing very well. If you're interested - have a read of our FAQ page for some information on who we are and what we do and then feel free to shoot me an email.
However amidst the moment of doubt are glimpses of purpose, meaning and confirmation that we're on a good path. Even so, he was less than a second and a half slower than Jenson Button in the other Honda.
The go-karting season is about to begin. The resource has been produced by my brother Adrian over the last year or two and is going to help a lot of people.
It looks like it'll be a pretty interesting piece and one that I think could cause a stir in some circles.
However amidst the moment of doubt are glimpses of purpose, meaning and confirmation that we're on a good path.
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