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Howard said that he doesn't find any women funny in comedy but Sarah is great. Chuck Negron From Three Dog Night Visits. Howard wanted to run a commercial for his show during the OJ Simpson interview on Dateline but Tom Chiusano came in and said he doesn't think they would take it.
9:55amRiley Martin Calls In To Complain. He said it really pissed him off when he saw Gayle King walk in with her whole entourage. He said it will take some time to build up that audience again after what went on. He said it's a private function but it should be filled with hot chicks. '' He also talked about some other stories he's heard about people who have had things jammed up their butts but claim that the stuff went up there accidentally. Artie said that this caller had called in last week and pissed him off.
Gary read a headline from a Chicago paper where they blasted the radio station that fired him just a week before the ratings came out.
That didn't even get Gange fired though.
He likes the idea of that whole thing. Ronnie could do it too but he doesn't come out of his hole for anything. Riley was asked what the aliens think about what went on with Richards.
Howard kept asking for the kiss from Robin but she didn't want to do it. He said he had to clean up but every time he was tested he'd come up dirty. He said that he read that Richards once yelled about the Jews while he was on stage. Howard said that yesterday was the best day in his life. He said he should have been reliable to them but he ended up walking away from everything and left them hanging. Ronnie could do it too but he doesn't come out of his hole for anything. He said that it's very tough to see through those slits they call eyes.
They yelled at him as they were leaving the club.
Robin told Howard about a guy she spoke to over in England who told her about how Oprah comes to visit like once a year. Howard said he has guys like that but he wouldn't bring them to something like that memorial service. She found religion for a few minutes according to Howard. Howard said that they should ask OJ to produce the gloves that he was wearing in the pictures that Nicole took of him.
He said that it was Brian who he was actually beating the crap out of.
After the break Howard said that he was reading about Three Dog Night and how they had a lot of hits over the years. Howard said he was beating off through the whole vacation. Howard said his father felt the same way after that went down last week.
Howard said he had to take a break but ended up talking to some of the other guys about Artie finally getting laid by some other chick. She was born during their vacation.
Howard said Rick's station must not have been giving away lots of money.
Some of the articles were positive and he seemed to be happy about that.
Howard shot right up in the ratings in that ratings period but the station let them go just 6 months after he started there. Howard laughed when he read about Steve Dahl losing all of his ratings in Chicago. Howard's Ratings Through The Roof. ''Howard had to take a break but Ivy Supersonic called in and wanted to get on the air.
He said they were 1 tenth of a point from being number one out there.
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