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You can throw it away or save it.
When Shri Maharaji sat outside, if somebody came toward him, Tommy would start barking.
You are partial to joy. True peace can only happen when a person learns to stand on their own two feet and understand what is within them.
Can you do what I can do? Then it becomes clear that in our life we want true happiness. So, experience what has been given to you.
How many days are you here for?
All we can do is hope it will. This is what life is teaching us.
Their necks start to bend.
Again and again, no matter what happens, the question always comes: What is the most important thing to you? He was so hot tempered that he bit everyone except my father, Shri Maharaji.
Every day is precious, priceless. If we do not guard our joy, who will guard it? This is where I have the simplest ambition from my heart to be content.
I can actually take it moment by moment. If you put a mirror in front of him, he would start barking at it, and he could spend the whole day barking at it. This is where heaven makes the most sense.
The world has taught us how different we are. Every day is precious, priceless.
Every day that is given is a blessing. We need to learn, to understand.
People have made so many different advancements. So fulfill this life now. We can assume that we all want happiness.
People create expectations.
The world has taught us how different we are.
You are partial to joy.
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