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Wed Apr 23 22:37:45 CEST 2014

Nancy Roof,
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Bernardo Gutiérrez @bernardosampa

#CiudadEscuela, genial iniciativa de @acorsin @urbanohumano @basurama y más. Apredizaje urbano de código abierto http://t.co/aSOGFCNqvX


Ciudad Escuela - prototyping.es

Today we are delighted to launch a project that has long been in the making. We have called the project Ciudad Escuela and have rather ambitiously dubbed it the first open-source urban pedagogy in the world. It is the…

Tweeted by Neal Gorenflo

Bernardo Gutiérrez @bernardosampa

#FalcianiVsJuncker, una lucha de titanes. el @Partido_X contra la Troika!! http://t.co/M53spq3Wmr #EP2014


Para que el miedo cambie de bando. Llevemos a Hervé Falciani al Parlamento Europeo #EP2014 - partidox.org

Frente a la Europa de la troika, Merkel, Rajoy y el PPSOE representada por J.C.Juncker hay una Europa de la gente que lucha. Compártelo para que nada vuelva a ser como antes.

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Neal Gorenflo @gorenflo

Amazing article from ROAR about alternative currency: In Each Other We Trust: Coining Alternatives to Capitalism - http://t.co/GQFq5fFhpO


In Each Other We Trust: Coining Alternatives to Capitalism - shareable.net

Top image credit: JD Hancock / Foter / CC BY 2.0. Article cross-posted from ROAR Magazine. Beyond God and state, it’s money that rules. Can we still imagine alternatives? And what role will recent innovations like…

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La Quadrature du Net @laquadrature

The “Internet Governance” Farce and its “Multi-stakeholder” Illusion https://t.co/SFXJw1x8fa #OurNETmundial #netmundial2014


La Quadrature du Net - laquadrature.net

For almost 15 years, "Internet Governance" meetings have been drawing attention and driving our imaginaries towards believing that consensual rules for the Internet could emerge from global "multi-stakeholder…

Tweeted by P2P Foundation

G Man @jaraparilla

"If they take our Net we take the streets." RT @valehamel Si nos quitan las redes tomamos la calle. http://t.co/t7gjO75lku #OurNetMundial



Contingente Guaymas @ContingGuaymas

We all stand together against all forms of censorship, in defense of #OurNetMundial https://t.co/eIrcvee679 #EPNvsInternet #DefenderInternet



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