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 it a compliment?" "Yes." "Tell me now." "No, wait." He came to know
her better; to know her very well. He did not see her very often, but
he thought of her a great deal. He
seemed to find in her a sympathy
which he needed. It reminded him of the past. He awoke
from his lethargy; began to work once more in the old way; mixed among
men again; grew brighter. "Henry Floyd is growing
younger, instead of older," someone
said of him. "His health has been bad," said a doctor. "He is
improving. I thought
at one time he was going to die." "He is getting rich," said a broker,
had been a schoolmate of his. "I see he has just invented a new
something or other to relieve children with hip or ankle-joint
disease." "Yes, and it is a capital thing, too; it is being taken up by
the profession.
I use it. It is a curious thing that he should have hit on that when he
is not a surgeon. He had studied anatomy
as a sort of fad, as he does everything.
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