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"Just tell me," says my lord. "It's what I'll do," says I. "And now,
wishing you happy dreams, I'll take my lave." Just so, Molly, it's hand
and glove we are. A pleasant face, agreeable manners seasoned with
natural modesty, and a good pair of legs, them's the gifts to push a
man's way in the world. And even with the ladies--but sure I am
forgetting, my master was proposed for, and your humble servant too, by
two illigant creatures in Lisbon; but it wouldn't do, Molly, it's higher
nor that we'll be looking,--_rale_ princesses, the devil a less. Tell
Kitty Hannigan I hope she's well; she was a disarving young in her
situation in life. Shusey Dogherty, at the cross road-- I don't forget
the name--was a good-looking slip too; give her my affectionate
salutations, as we say in the Portuguese. I hope I'll be able to bear
the inclementuous nature of your climate when I go back; but I can't
expect to stay long--for Lord Wellington can't do without me. We play
duets on the guitar together every evening. The master is shouting for a
blanket, so no more at present from, Your very affectionate friend,
MICKEY FREE. P. S.--I don't write this myself, for the Spanish tongue p
out o' the habit of English. Tell Father Rush, if he'd study the
Portuguese, I'd use my interest for him with the Bishop of Toledo. It's
a country he'd like--no regular stations, but promiscuous eating and
drinking, and as pretty girls as ever confessed their sins. My poor
Charley, I think I am looking at you. I think I can see the struggle
between indignation, and laughter, which every line of this letter
inflicts upon you. Get back as quickly as you can, and we'll try if
Crawfurd won't pull you through the business. In any case, expect no
sympathy; and if you feel disposed to be angry with all who laugh at
you, you had better publish a challenge in the n
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