[Celix-directorio] --ha?" At this, I started and turned to look at him again. H

Booze sirree at vermet.com
Wed Sep 2 23:25:59 CEST 2009

I was yet busied with what remained of the carcass when the fat fellow
choked in his snoring, sighed, grunted, propped himself on lazy elbow
and, catching sight of me, fell a-gaping. So whiles he watched
open-mouthed, I finished what remained of the capon and tossed the bones
over the hedge. "Ecod!" quoth he faintly. "O, ecod--my dinner!" As for
me, having my mouth full, I spake not. "Ad's bobs!" says he, "A
rascally, robbing thief of the roads!" "Even so!" I nodded and took a
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