[Bdi4emc-help] Re: Wiki layout, g-codes, usb sticks

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Tue Dec 13 02:47:47 CET 2005

Gentle persons:

(Paul) Any organizational principle is better than none. However, call 
me cynical if you like (everybody at work does!) but I figure if this 
site is successful it will get disorganized over time just because lots 
of people will feel compelled to contribute and, like it or not, they'll 
add to it wherever they see fit because the whole purpose of theWiki 
approach is to let them do exactly that.

I don't know the ins and outs of the ISO/DIN 66025. The US ANSI doesn't 
admit to having an English language version available. The DIN itself 
(http://www.din.de/) offers English language versions of DIN 66025-1 
(1982) and DIN 66025-2 (1988) for 74.40 EUR, about $88, each. Since 
they're more than a decade old, I'd guess they are delivered in 
paper-copy form (or scanned pdf if you're lucky). MachineMate has a list 
of codes that they call "NC Programming as per ISO (DIN 66025) and 
RS274" (http://www.machinemate.com/StandardCodes.htm) but I have no idea 
how carefully they prepared it.

I'm not sure what you mean by transcribing Tom Kramer's paper. It is 
available in pdf and html format. What needs to be transcribed? (By the 
way, you might want to email Tom directly about both his paper and DIN 
66025. You can search his email address on the NIST site).

(Michael)  I've never used a memory stick with a Linux box but a quick 
Google search suggests lots of people struggle to get them working. Have 
you looked at http://www.debianhelp.org? I found this article "Using USB 
Flash Drives in Debian" (http://www.debianhelp.org/Article3529.html) 
which looks useful. I also found a follow-up thread 
As an aside, I'm happy to see another user of Jon Elson's products. I 
have just received a USC board from him and have only had time to test 
that it can communicate with my PC.


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