[Bdi4emc-help] consequences of newer OpenSSH on remote X11 displays

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Mon Dec 12 17:57:00 CET 2005

On Sunday 11 December 2005 23:19, bdi4emc-help at lists.ourproject.org wrote:
> 1. on the local host, declare the remote host to be trusted by the local
> X11 server: "xhost +bdi_ip_address/bdi_hostname"
> 2. ssh to the remote host
> 3. on the remote host, set the DISPLAY environment variable to point to
> the local host's X11 server.

> Steps 1 and 3 are totally unnecessary when X11 forwarding via ssh is
> working.

Distilled the info down to it's minimum and confirmed it works on a fresh 
BDI-4 install. I did notice that the setting of DISPLAY was not needed as the 
-X flag should automatically set the variable.

Please feel free to pad out http://ourproject.org/moin/Remote_X_sessions if 
you think it is a little spartan or correct any mistakes.

Regards, Paul.

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